e-Democracy 2017: Call for Special Sessions & Workshops

Call for Special Sessions & Workshops

 The steering committee of the 7th International Conference on e-Democracy, “e-Democracy 2017: Privacy-Preserving, Secure, Intelligent e-Government Services” invites proposals for Special Sessions & Workshops to be held during the conference. They intend to provide researchers in specific areas of interest the opportunity to present and discuss their work, as well as to offer a forum for interaction with a broader community of researchers. A Special Session or Workshop will consist of a group of papers in a sub-discipline of e-Democracy as these are presented in the main call for papers for the conference.

The papers will be required to meet the same standards as e-Democracy 2017 papers and will be published in the conference proceedings. All the Special Sessions and Workshops will be centralized as tracks in the same conference submission and reviewing system (EasyChair) as the regular papers.

Each proposal for a special session or workshop should be accompanied with a brief call for papers. The proposers are expected to act as session / workshop chairs during the conference and should be actively involved in creating a session / workshop committee which will contribute to the reviewing of the papers submitted.

All proposals for special sessions must be sent by 31 March 2017 by email to Elias.Pimenidis@uwe.ac.uk