Authors of all selected for presentation papers should register to the conference in order to have their paper included in the conference proceedings. Each paper should have at least one of the coauthors fully registered (Author Registration Ticket) to the conference,until    27 September 2017 15th 31th of October 2017. In the case that an author appears in more than one papers, he/she should select the (single) paper that should be linked to his/her registration.

The full registration fee includes:

  • Publication of one paper in conference proceedings by Springer Conference participation
  • A copy of the proceedings (e-license)
  • Coffee Breaks / Lunch during the conference days
  • Conference Dinner (Thursday night, 14th of December)

Early Registration Period for eDemocracy 2017 Conference will be open from 18th of September until  3rd of November   30th of November 2017.

Please, use the following form for your registration. Following your successful registration, you will receive an e-mail message with instructions on how to proceed with the bank transfer. If you face any problems during your registration or you need more information on that, please contact us at

Debit and credit card payments are supported.

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